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Who We Are | How We Help

For all your injury prevention, treatment and conditioning needs.

Omni Rehab is a private athletic therapy, massage and fitness facility located in Victoria, BC.


​​We are a multi-disciplinary, results oriented, exercise & manual therapy clinic and gym.  Our mission is to take an active role in educating and empowering you, the client, to a functional level for independent health.  Our practitioners use a holistic approach to help you achieve your personal best in all dimensions of wellness.​​​​​​


Whether your needs are injury recovery, chronic pain management, or taking your training to the next level, we provide individually tailored programs designed to produce optimal results in the shortest time frame possible.

Omni Rehab offers a variety of programs and services to meet the demands of our diverse client base.

Meet The Team

Jessica Smith, BSc, CAT (c), RMT


Jessica is a Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist. She completed her Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2007 and the Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal College in Calgary in 2008.  Jessica also completed her yoga teacher training, has a Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee, is a provider of  Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Technique, cupping, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability (DNS) and Eldoa methods.


Over the years Jessica has worked with a variety of athletes and sports, ranging from pee wee to National and Professional athletes. She spent 5 years as head therapist with the U20 mens National rugby team and spent 5 years as a contract therapist with the National Senior Mens Rugby Team.


Clinically Jessica has worked in many different settings from chronic disease management to sports conditioning. Her passion for health, fitness and sport is evident as she strives to help people achieve their goals, whether it is getting them back to their game sooner or simply helping them to function on a daily basis without pain.




Kiyomi Thompson, BAET, CAT(c)


Kiyomi completed her Athletic and Exercise Therapy degree in 2014 from Camosun College and has been practicing at Omni since 2017. Her passion for sports has led her to employment at Rugby Canada, primarily working with the Senior Women's 15's team and recently went with them to the Rugby World Cup in October 2022. Although rugby is her main sport of expertise, Kiyomi enjoys working with athletes involved in soccer, hockey, basketball and volleyball; catering their rehabilitation plan to sport specific demands.

Kiyomi’s approach to treatment and rehabilitation is catered to each individual and their goals. She uses manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, sport massage, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, cupping, IASTM, and any other method that will get each individual to optimal function.  She makes sure to stay up to date with current research and partakes in courses and workshops to learn new treatment techniques and strategies. 

Exercise rehabilitation plays an important role in recovery and Kiyomi makes sure everyone has a personalized rehabilitation program according to their injury and restrictions. Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior or someone wanting to be introduced to movement and exercise, Kiyomi will cater to each individual. 

Devin Ezekiel, RMT


Devin is a Registered massage Therapist (RMT). He stems from St. John's, NL, where, in 2016, he graduated with a diploma in Health and Human Sciences, Massage Therapy from Academy Canada. In 2019 he became registered in British Columbia. 


He has worked in many different settings from multidisciplinary clinics, spas and rehabilitation centers. With an athletic background Devin understands the importance of a active, healthy lifestyle, whether it is maintaining that lifestyle or helping individuals achieve their rehabilitation and wellness goals. 


Devin's treatment approach involves general swedish massage techniques, soft tissue release, stretching, muscle energy techniques and deep tissue work. His treatments are tailored to each individual and their needs. 

Aiyanna GrubacBAET, CAT(c)


Aiyanna is a Certified Athletic Therapist who graduated from Camosun College with a Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy in 2021. Aiyanna is passionate about sports and exercise; she loves getting outdoors and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, and hiking. 

Aiyanna has experience working with rugby players from youth sport, up to the national teams. She currently works for Rugby Canada with the Nationals Men’s 7s team and Pacific Pride Development Academy. Working with sports, she has gained a variety of experience in assessment, rehab, and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. She has also had experience working with the general public and people experiencing chronic pain or injuries. She loves to educate people and see them succeed and achieve their goals. 

Aiyanna offers a variety of manual therapy techniques including Soft Tissue Release and Joint Mobilisations and also incorporates active rehab and exercise prescription into a session. Aiyanna would love to work with you to help you get back to playing sports or back to your everyday activities. 

Tara Makrigiannis, BAET, CAT(c)


Tara is a Certified Athletic Therapist. She completed her Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy at Camosun College in 2022. Her experience in sport has led her to a career in health and fitness. Tara has worked with a variety of sports included rugby, soccer, and hockey from youth to adult and is actively involved in the community supporting teams in the Greater Victoria area. 

Tara's approach to rehabilitation uses a wide lens; each treatment plan is individualized to the person, their injury, and their lifestyle. She uses manual therapy, joint mobilization, sport massage, modalities, and exercise prescription to aid in injury prevention, injury management, and recovery. 


Tara has a strong passion for health and fitness rooted in multiple years of sport involvement and believes that exercise is fundamental for recovery and long-term health.

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