Certified Athletic Therapists are highly skilled health care practitioners specialized in the prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation allowing them to provide treatment to all musculoskeletal injures and apply rehabilitation techniques to ensure a rapid return to work and play. Certified Athletic Therapists employ a sports medicine model of rehabilitation to offer accelerated rehabilitation to physical injuries incurred from sports, recreation, daily activities or occupation. This sports medical model consists of  but is not limited to the following contemporary rehabilitative techniques; soft tissue and joint mobilizations, muscle reconditioning, exercise pre/rehabilitation,  therapeutic modalities (Laser, ultra-sound, electrical muscle stimulation, heat, cold and various taping support techniques).

The Certified Athletic Therapist must present current malpractice insurance and annual documentation demonstrating continued professional development to maintain a status of “good standing” with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.

For more information on Athletic Therapy in BC visit http://www.athletictherapybc.ca/